The Midwest Trans Prisoner Pen Pal Project (MWTPPP) started as a support project for  CeCe McDonald and other transgender, gender non-conforming prisoners in Minnesota.  Since then, we’ve expanded to include the Midwest region.  MWTPPP seeks to connect Midwest-based incarcerated trans/gender non-conforming people with other trans/gender non-conforming and allied community member pen pals for friendship.  This project was initially launched to reach out to transgender prisoners who are placed in lock down (administrative segregation) but we recognize the isolating and unsafe conditions for prisoners no matter what their situation.  We accept pen pal requests across the LGBTQI spectrum.

Currently we meet twice a month at Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis MN on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month from 6 pm to 8 pm.  This is our time to write letters and talk with other pen pals about their experience as well as go through the mail and send out information to people inquiring about our services.

Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave S

Minneapolis MN 55404

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Support Ms Tay Tay! 

TayTay is a black transwoman currently held at Dixon Correctional Center in Illinois. Ms. TayTay has reached out for support as a transwoman in a men’s prison. Ms. TayTay reports experiencing sexual, physical, and verbal assault, as well as the emotional anguish coupled with these circumstances. This is a matter of her safety and mental health. Due to the harassment Ms. TayTay faces in general population, she tends to stay in her cell. Therefore it is extremely important that she feel less isolated through financial support and access to commissary items she cannot otherwise provide for herself.  Any funds would be greatly appreciated, especially on an ongoing basis, since the need exists as long as Tayvia is incarcerated.

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