Become a Pen Pal!

Are you interested in writing a pen pal in prison?  Check out the following options.  No matter what you choose, we recommend you read Write to Win’s Tips for Penpals and the Prisoner Correspondence Projects FAQ.

1.  In person events are BACK!  We meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at Boneshaker Books from 6pm to 8pm.  Indoors masked, vaccinated.

Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave S

Minneapolis MN 55404

2.  Write to a pen pal on your own time.  If you cannot come to our letter writing events, you can write to a pen pal from wherever you are by choosing someone on out wait list.  There is a long list of people waiting for a pen pal.  When you find someone on the list to write to, please email us at and we will take that person off the wait list.  At this time, our partner bookstore Boneshaker Books, is not open to the public regularly so we ask you to use your home address or a PO box for your return address when you write.  Its up to you and what would make you comfortable or be easiest.  Please specify your intention when you email us at

2A.  You will notice our online pen pal list includes the Prisoners name, DOC#, Prison Name, Prison Address, Chosen Name, About the Pen Pal, and Looking For.  The About and Looking For columns are a summary of what the pen pal wrote about in their letter.  If a pen pal mentioned their gender identity or sexual orientation, that is listed in the About column.

If you choose to use MWTPPP as your return address:


c/o Boneshaker Books

2002 23rd Ave S

Minneapolis MN 55404

2B.  When replying to a pen pal, address the letter using their given name.  Always include the prison number too. Its best to follow the way they wrote out their return address.


Donald James # 123456

Townville State Prison

Townville, IN  12345

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